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Now more than ever, Early Childhood Education is under attack and quickly becoming a controversial issue Nationwide.  The EarlyLearn transition from ACS to DOE: Family Child Care poses many unforeseen challenges for family childcare providers in NYC.  Besides the constant battle for quality services which require well-educated staff that are paid a reasonable and comparable wage to their counterparts within the DOE, now these small business owners must contend with the need for real-time, orderly and accurate financial reporting in an increasing competitive industry.   As our niche within the Daycare Industry continues to grow, we notice that these small business owners are constantly dealing and suffering with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll & tax challenges which become administrative headaches and contribute to the 14% of provider drop-out rates.   Maneuvering the New Federal Tax Law Reform (TJCA), coupled with the transition from ACS to DOE, the new CDA guidelines, and the requirement minimum wage in NYC you need a team who is familiar with your industry that can guide your through effective accounting, bookkeeping & tax strategies that have proven valuable in the Daycare space.

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