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ACCOUNTAX USA is a Boutique Accounting Firm servicing the Construction & Child Care Industries.  We are based in NY and currently service all 50 States.  Services include: Bookkeeping, Tax Workshops, Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, Business Coaching & Consulting.

Meet Our Leadership:

David Encarnacion EA, CEO

David has been servicing the financial industry for over 20 yrs, as a Stockbroker, Mortgage Broker, and Tax Accountant. David specializes in a variety of solutions including job costing, bookkeeping, tax planning and tax preparation; he uses his extensive experience in different financial disciplines to achieve his clients' goals.  Saving clients time, money, and removing accounting anxiety are the primary focus in Davids' mindset.   As a Keynote Speaker, David has brought his signature "If you want your business to run differently, you must think differently" workshop to many business owners across the USA.

In his spare time, David enjoys traveling, experiencing new challenges and having a good laugh with his family.

"Business owners suffer from an inherent number of challenges; Accounting should not be one."

~David Encarnacion


The TEAM consists of CPA's, EA's and Bookkeepers strategically positioned in different regions of the USA dedicated to providing quality service, on-time reporting, and high-end value.

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ACCOUNTAX USA, 724 East 233rd Street, Bronx, NY 10466